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(B) Beginners welcome

(H) Heated room to 90 degrees average. Our large studio is drafty. Some places are hotter 95+ and some are much cooler. Go early and ask teacher where is the best spot for your needs.

(I) Mentally and/or physically Intense. Intensity can be created by long holdings of postures (some slow vinyasa classes), or quicker pace (some vinyasa classes), or difficutly of the postures (Level Two). In the case of Yin Yoga, which is open to beginners, the intensity is created by the mental focus needed.

We are offering another 18 classes at the unbelieveable low rate of $12 online/$14 at the door. To get this discount, you must first purchase your never expiring, one time, $5 membership. Finalize the sale. Then go back into the system and purchase as many dropin classes as you like. Pay as you go. No wasted money on unused classes. No guilt. Please read this page for full details and policies.

Policies Summarized: You cannot purchase classes for other people with your membership and get the discount. They need their own membership. $2 more at the door.

Fact: The average price of a dropin class in Rhode Island in 1995, when Tom Gillette and Kim Chandler first opened Innerlight Yoga in Middletown, RI, was $15. 17 years later, a class dropin is cheaper. The US dollar has lost 45% of its value since then. A gallon of gas was $1.15, now $3.80. A pint of blueberries was 50 cents, now $3.99. An ounce of gold was $375, now $1,600. An ounce of silver was $4.50, now $30. Apple stock was $17, now $635. The point is that we teach yoga for the love of it. We live it. We are devoted to it and have been for a long time. Please support Eyes of the World so that it thrives.