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Tom is now on a great adventure, traveling around the country and just came back from China. He is following something remarkable, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity working for the world's largest organic medicinal mushroom company. Contact him if you want more information either for the life changing products or the business opportunity that is possible.



Alphay international grows 150 tons a day of edible mushrooms to feed a hungry world. A beautiful green company who turns agricutlural trash into treasure. Alphay is a powerful wealthy company with a 56 year history. I work in the medicinal mushroom division. Alphay is the world's largest organic medicinal mushroom company in the far. Alphay grows 75% of the world supply of Lingzhi and others.
Only a handful of American and Canadian distributors are doing this in 2015. Now is a great time to explore what Alphay is about. If you want to understand Alphay, you have to learn about its billionaire founder and why he gives all the profits to distribuors.
The 2015 convention celebration had 20,000 Chinese distribuors and 16 Americans