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Tom is now focusing on helping the world with the highest potency, organic mushroom medicinals. This is the number one emerging field in biotechnology.


Mother Nature's most perfect medicine,
rare powerful potent

On Sept 15, Alphay International, (the billion dollar, 55 year old medicinal mushroom giant that Tom is joyfully leaving yoga for) will launch their premier product: "Zhi Cell" ("ZHee" meaning "Spirit.")

Zhi Cell is called "Cancer No" in China. It is what they use for optimal health. There is no product like this on the planet. You heard about it here first.

It is made by collecting the spores (seeds) of Lingzhi (Reishi) Ganoderma Lucidium, which is hard to do (no American company does this.) To break open the spores, the medicinal value is usually lost because of the heat generated. Alphay's patented process cryogenically freezes the double walled spores and then cracks them open with ultrasound, preserving the power of its highly concnetrated 400 micronutrients: Ganoderic acids, Triterpenes, Adenosine.... and you have to come to a presentation to find out more.

Zhi cell is the most powerful, natural, safe, nontoxic, immune booster on the planet and can help your body with a wide range of dis-ease.

More big news: Anybody who has been an Alphay customer in the last year, will receive one free packet as a gift from Alphay.

If you get any Alphay medicinal mushroom product during July or August, you will be apart of the launch of Zhi Cell.


No American company does this. If you buy cheap American "Mycelium" products you will find they are ...worthless. If you go to Whole Foods, you will see lots of American "Reishi Mycelium" mushroom products on the shelves which is grown in a vat in four days. Useless and ineffective. Or you will see "Wildcrafted" that means it is inorganic and dangerous since mushrooms are like shellfish: they are filter feeders.

Alphay International does the hard part and grows the highest quality strains of organic Lingzhi (Reishi) in the pristine Changbai northern mountains of China at high altitudes. China still has vast undeveloped remote unspoiled old growth forests just like the US.

call 499-4942 for more information.

Why? For inflammation, pain relief, concentration, athletic ability, arthritis, depression, SAD, Lymes, cancer and so many other ailments. you can buy here

Alphay International is the highest paying most extraordinary business opportunity to come along in years. Find out why. If you are looking for a way to supplement your income or a full time job, inquire about this possibility with Tom.

Tom's Mushroom Tour:

Sept 10 - 14, Minnesota

Sept 22 - 28, Salt Lake, Jackson Hole

Oct 26 - Nov 4, China

Nov 4 - 8, Vancouver

Nov 8 - 11, Portland Oregon

Nov 11 - 14, San Francisco

Dec 3 - 6, Vegas, LA

Every year, Alphay runs a promotional contest where any distributor can go on a $5,000 all expenses paid trip to China. Tom and Jenn Thomas won the trip this year. There are only 14 Americans going. We will be apart of a yearly celebration of over 250,000 Chinese Alphay distributors assembling in a soccer stadium. Join us next year?


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